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How to Maintain Your Roof

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How to Maintain Your Roof

There are simple ways to make sure your roof is in good order. It may take climbing up to your roof or it may not, but the inspection should be done some how. This can help make sure that your roof is in good working order. But, choosing metal roofing can help reduce worry about your roofing and add to your home.

Top 3 Ways to Maintain Your Roof

1. Inspect it once a year
Pick a good day in the spring or summer and check out your roof. Climb up or get binoculars to make sure you get a good view. Check your gutters first. If something is cracked or weighing them down, this could bring your gutter system down and damage your home. Clear the gutters out because any leaves left in them can cause a clog and increase the damage.

2. Always make sure to check your shingles
Any missing or cracked shingles can damage your roofing and cause more damage than anticipated. Shingles come first on the actual roof inspection because a complete replacement can be very expensive. If you don’t want to climb, our roofing contractors can get up there and look for themselves. Making sure your shingles are in good condition should be a first priority. Any buckling or missing ones can cause damage in your attic and make repair costs increase.

3. If you see a weird spot, immediately inspect
Moss or lichen may pop up on your roof and that is never a good sign. Checking your gutters and shingles can help prevent problems arising like this. Roof shingles that are missing or damaged may develop moss. This is a sign that your roof is decaying and needs immediate attention. Making sure the shingles are in good condition can keep your whole roof healthy for a long time!