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Why Metal Roofing

Bloomsburg Metal Roofers

Garvin Metal Roofs is the best for the Bloomsburg Pa area, as Roofers we specialize in Metal Roofing as well as Asphalt Shingle Roofing and Flat Roofs for the Bloomsburg Pa area

Our experience with Replacement Roofing and Flat Roofing as well as Cedar Shake Roofs is unparalleled in the Bloomsburg Pa area

We have developed an eye for detail and continue to offer consulting to numerous general contractors, property managers and homeowners. With an emphasis on all types of metal roofing, including stone coated steel, we are working hard to make it more affordable for home and building owners.

The way that people think about the value attached to your property would greatly depend on how well you are taking care of things such as the roofing. If you have been considering placing your home on the market, you want to think about the value that exists in changing the room. A home that has a new room would be a lot easier to sell. If you currently have a property that has a damaged roof, this would have a great deal to do with the offers that you are getting. When people see that you are not taking care of your investment, it is very likely that they would lose interest in securing this property. Paying the Bloomsburg Pa area Roofers would be an investment that is well worth making because this service would add a layer of beauty to your property that would allow it to stand out amongst others that are up for sale.

Having a new roof put onto your home would be an easy way to attract the attention of more buyers than you would have thought possible. Altering the design of your roof could provide you with many style options that would help your home to sell much faster. In fact, it is very likely that you would be able to sell your home faster while making a larger profit off of the sale through addressing any roofing problems that you have. Coming to the right roofing company would be the best way to ensure a great presentation of your home for many years to come.


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Unlike some of our competitors we guarantee to get your project done right! Our track record speaks for itself, please check out our reviews and if you’ve recently had a project finished by us please create your own review!

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To discuss a new roofing project or schedule a free estimate for your home or building call (570) 280-2915.

Serving all areas within Luzerne, Lakawanna, Monroe, Columbia and Wyoming counties.

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Why Metal Roofing?

A very good question with an easy answer, Metal Roofs Can Be Installed in the Winter, But Regular Roofs Cannot!

The decision to install roofing during the cold winter season in Stroudsburg and the Northeast Pennsylvania region can’t be made unless you’re informed. You may want a traditional shingle roof, however, weather conditions may not permit it. Metal roofing is a smart alternative that comes with many benefits.

Traditional roofing just might not be possible in the winter. With the harsh winds, dropping temperatures, and unpredictable snowfall, shingles can easily crack. The sealant used to attach shingle roofing requires heat and warmth from the sun in order to bond, therefore it’s near impossible to properly install in the winter. Improper bonding can lead to your shingles blowing off and even causing major leakage.

Metal roofing can be a simple solution if you’re planning on installing roofing in Stroudsburg this season. The freezing temperatures don’t affect metal roofs because they are not installed with sealant that needs warmth like traditional roofing. Metal roofing is attached by other means such as nails and screws. The benefits of metal roofs continue with the fact that they won’t crack or blow off because they are designed to withstand changes in weather by expanding and contracting when necessary.

Although both roofing techniques are possible, metal roofs are the sensible solution this winter season in Stroudsburg. A traditional roof may do more harm then good, and will cost you a fortune to repair down the road. Metal roofs are less likely to cause problems and will require virtually zero repairs in the warmer months to come.

Metal Roofing FAQ

Common Metal Roofing Questions

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Barrel Vault Metal Roofing

Barrel Vault Metal Roofing

Garvin Metal Roofs can give you the clean look of a concrete tile roof without all the added problems with our Barrel Vault tiles. These  stone coated steel roofing tiles will keep their look for years and also save you hundreds of dollars over time.


Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are the most popular roofing material, due to their durability and affordability. There are two types of asphalt shingles- fiberglass and organic.


Cedar Shake

For a contemporary roofing look look no further than the Cedar Shake Roof. Cedar Shake is a natural roofing product and very common in the Pacific Northwest.

Stone Coated Metal Roofing

Stone Coated Metal Roofing

Unlike your neighbors roofing materials, a stone – coated steel roof offers superior durability: it will not break, curl, split, crack, warp, or absorb water.

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