Types of metal roofs

Types of Metal Roofs

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Types of Metal Roofs

While metal roofing is simple and doesn’t seem too complicated there are still some different variations to consider. You want the best design and form for your house so that you choose the best kind. You want good protection on your house and here’s a few roof styles you should know.

Three Common Types of Metal Roofs

1. Rib Panel

3ft wide rib panels are screwed through the panel. The imperial rib panel is one of the most popular kinds of our metal roofing. The good part about this metal roof is it’s also inexpensive. It’s not a stylish look but it offers great protection for your home if you aren’t worried about aesthetics.

2. Standing Seam Panels

There are no exposed fasteners on this style of metal roofing and it gives your roof a crisper look. If you have a bit of a bigger budget this would be a good roof to consider for your home. These roofs cost about 23% more to have installed by your roofing contractors but is well worth it.

3. Stone Coated Metal Roof

Metal roofs do have many designs whether it seems it or not. These metal shingles are produced to look like slate, barrel tile, or even regular shingles. These roofs have a stone coating over them protected by a resin. Thanks to this they have a lot of variations created so that you can get the protection of a metal roof that matches your style or house.