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Roof Maintenance: Prevent a Costly Home Repair

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Roof Maintenance: Prevent a Costly Home Repair

The summertime is a perfect opportunity for homeowners to perform regular roof maintenance on their homes. Ensuring your home stays in top shape may prevent an expensive roof repair down the road. Take the time to check your roof, whether it’s on a weekend or in the morning before work. It could save you money in the end.

Summer Roof Maintenance and Minor Home Repair

Keeping up with your roof is as easy as taking a walk around the house. Performing these quick inspections could lead to discovering a missing shingle or finding openings that allow the weather conditions into your house. Be on the lookout for any gathering debris, entryways for nesting wildlife, and possible plant life that could be growing on your roof or in your gutters. Added weight to your roof might cause a dip in the foundation. If you can’t remove this debris yourself, contact a professional to do it for you.

Cleaning out your gutters and downspouts will avoid a costly home repair. Gutters that haven’t been cared for can lead to structural damage including foundation cracks, roof leakage, and basement flooding. Clean gutters with a small shovel, a rake, or any available tools that won’t do further damage to your home. Any debris can either be gathered into an available container, or pushed onto the ground to be cleaned later. Take caution when using a ladder to clean your gutters. Maintaining a steady balance and only cleaning within arm’s reach will prevent potentially serious injuries.

Home roof repair can be a dangerous task. If you discover roof damage that is beyond your capabilities, speak with a professional rather than attempting the job yourself. Roofers know how to perform the job safely and, though it comes at a price, will leave you with professional results.