Metal Roofing Common Questions & Answers

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Metal Roofing Common Questions & Answers

Metal roofs are a good addition to any home. However, not everyone knows a lot about metal roofs. If you want a professional to install your roof, you may have some questions. Here are some of the most common questions homeowners have about metal roofs.

Will a metal roof affect cell phone reception inside of my home?
Many people use cell phones in buildings with metal roofs everyday and don’t even know it. Many churches, restaurants, and banks have metal roofs. Sometimes there is even a metal deck under a flat roof. If by some chance you have very, very bad reception in your home or somewhat spotty service, a metal roof can add to this. A cell phone signal booster may have helped if you didn’t even have a metal roof, and it certainly will improve your service if you have one. If you already have good to excellent cell service in your home, you will not notice a difference once you install a metal roof.

You can find 4G Cell Phone Signal Boosters on Amazon for around $20.

What will happen to a Metal Roof in a lightning storm?
Lightning strikes at the highest point of an area, it doesn’t matter what material it is made of. Metal roofing doesn’t create lightning and certainly doesn’t attract it. There is no need to worry about an increased lighting risk.

When it rains, will it sound loud on the roof?
There are metal folds in metal roofing, which will not create an increase in noise during rain over a traditional roof. Metal roofing can even be quieter than a traditional roof and certainly doesn’t create any additional noise. Ventilation and the amount of airspace in your attic do, however, add to noise during a rainstorm.

What about fire?
Metal roofs are non-combustible and provide great safety from any fire that originates from outside of the home. Also, metal roofs pose much less of a cave in threat than a traditional roof.

These are just some of the questions many homeowners have about Metal Roofs.

The Truth About Metal Roofing!

The more research you do on Metal Roofing you will find that a lot of the perceived negatives about metal roofs are just outright lies. Lies that were likely started by contractors who only install traditional shingle roofing. However, as more people learn the truth and benefits of metal roofs it’s easy to see why so many homeowners are choosing affordable metal roofing over shingles.