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8 Metal Roof Rumors You Thought Were True

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8 Metal Roof Rumors You Thought Were True

Do you enjoy the sleek, edgy look of a new metal roof? Rumor has it they’re loud, they get struck by lightning and they provide minimal insulation. Did you catch that? It’s jus a rumor! Buyers are often deterred from metal roofs because of what they heard from others who have also made assumptions. This stigma behind metal roofs is only robbing money out of your pockets in the end by keeping that damaged, shingle roof.

Statistically, metal roofs can end up being a more cost effective, more reliable, and longer lasting than any other alternative! Don’t believe me, try consulting your commercial roof contractor! Believe what you will, but here’s a list of 8 debunked myths about metal roofs that might just change your mind:

  1. They are an eyesore: Although this one may be up to personal opinion, metal roofs have been “known” to be bland, boring, and just plain ugly. But that’s not true! Metal roofs are a growing trend among home owners, and come in a variety of styles and colors!
  2. They’re too noisy: Perhaps the most common misconception, and also false! Metal roofs can be even less noisy than traditional shingle roofs. More often than not, these roofs are installed on houses that already have an attic; this further minimizes the noise caused by hail and rain. More often than not, what causes a noisy metal roof is actually an improper installation.
  3. Hail is your enemy: Granted, if we are talking about hail the size of a baseball then yes, this is probably true and you should probably be concerned the apocalypse is finally happening. Jokes aside, if we are talking about the average hail storm, then there is nothing to worry about. Metal roofs are extremely durable and can hold up through almost anything. Often most insurance companies will even provide discount rates for metal roofs because they have the highest impact resistance and hail rating granted by the insurance hail commissions of hail belt regions of the U.S.
  4. It will turn your house into a freezer: Nope, false. The isolation beneath the roof and the attic prevents this from happening. As for expanding and contracting due to the warming up/cooling of seasons, it’s very uncommon. This is a seldom occurrence when dealing with very large commercial or industrial buildings, but for the average home owner it’s nothing to be concerned about.
  5. It will turn your house into an oven: False. Metal does not absorb heat like asphalt does. Metal roofs can actually be your best ally against the scorching hot temperatures! Due to their high reflectivity, metal roofs actually make homes cooler by reflecting sunlight away from the home, rather than absorbing and transmitting that heat throughout. This translates into tremendous savings in cooling costs.
  6. Metal makes it lightning prone: Sorry, you’re wrong again. Despite general confusion about this, lightning does not strike metal roofs simply because metal is a conductor. Metal is no more susceptible than any other roofing material. Lighting most frequently strikes the highest point on any terrain. Should you be the highest point in your area, lightning rods can be installed to help redirect current. In the unlikely event that a lightning strikes your house, your roof will disperse the energy throughout the structure, thus reducing the danger of fire or sudden explosion.
  7. Way outside of budget: No entirely true. Depending on the style and size of your home, metal roofs can initially be pricier than traditional roofs. However, metal roofs have a lifespan of more than 40 years, with an additional manufacturer warranty of 40 years on the paint finish itself. Meaning little to no expenses in repairs and maintenance. Not to mention they have a wonderful return on investment, so you’ll more than likely make your money back and then some, that is, if you’re planning to resell. Depending on how long you plan on living there, it could very well be the last roof you ever have installed on your home!
  8. Metal and rust will corrode it: Also a myth. Our metal roofs are made out of steel and aluminum making it resistant to rust and corrosion.