Surviving Winters in Wilkes-Barre with Asphalt Shingles

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Surviving Winters in Wilkes-Barre with Asphalt Shingles

Far too often, we neglect to take care of something until it’s broken. We don’t replace the dishwasher until the old one spews bubbles at us, we drive on tires until our inspection is due, and we forget about our roof until there’s water leaking onto our priceless throw rug. The problem here, is most of these problems come with costly solutions. We get smacked with a high bill to fix something we didn’t even realize was important to us until it was too late.  We usually sit there, with a huge bill in our hand, kicking ourselves for “not checking things sooner”

As winter gets ready to show it’s ugly face in the Northeastern Pennsylvania area, it’s time to make sure your home is ready for the winter months, before you have costly repair bills.

roofrepairsNEPAWinter is the toughest time for your roof, and if your roof is already weakened before the winter comes, you’re at risk for disaster. Think about it, if your roof already has damaged shingles before the winter , how would weeks of high winds, heavy snow and stagnant water add to an already damaged roof? Your roof could leak, you can loose money on heating costs or worse, your roof can cave in. Take the time now to check your shingles and your roof for damages.

Garvin Metal Roofs suggests you survey your roof before the winter months come. Most homes in Wilkes-Barre have asphalt shingles on their roof. They’re an affordable solution to protecting your roof year round, and a product we can assess to make sure your roof is protected this winter. If you’ve noticed dark spots on your ceiling or the walls of your home, you might need to repair your shingles. If you have asphalt shingles on your roof, we’ll check to make sure your roof is ready for the winter months. Typically, we won’t find much to worry about, but having peace of mind during the cold months is nice.