Metal roofing for your home

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Metal roofing for your home

Scranton roofing services provide the newest technology in metal roofing, saving you money and leaving you with peace of mind. Our Scranton roofing services have guarded your homes for now 25 years of service.  The metal we buy is purchases directly from the factory which means we are returning the savings right back to you.


Why metal roofing in Scranton is the best option


Metal roofing is a smart option for your home because of its versatility. Metal roofs can withstand any weather or storm coming your way. As our climate is constantly changing, it is beneficial to have your home equipped with the best technology. Some opt for the traditional shingle roof, but damages are frequent and they do not last nearly as long as a metal roof would, causing you to spend more money out of pocket. Shingles often crack during the snowy and rainy months with the addition of harsh winds and dropping temperatures. Metal roofing is a foolproof way to avoid having any of these issues because unlike shingles, a metal roof is able to be installed and survive in the cold months. The process of installation is unaffected by cold temperatures due to that fact that no clamps or screws are used.

Metal roofs also help you do your part for the environment. It is known that asphalt shingles contribute to approximately 20 billion pound of waste to United States landfills every year! Using metal roofs can greatly reduce this amount of waste. This material is also recyclable, so the roof will last much longer, and when it has reached the end of its life, the metal can be using for something else, contributing to saving the environment and the economy.

Metal roofs can be installed over top of an existing roof, which takes away the labor cost and lowers the eco-impact. In using metal roofing in Scranton, it is more than likely that you will get your new metal roof and never need a new roof in your lifetime. Your metal roof will keep your home insulated whether the weather is zero or 100 degrees, without worrying about leaks or cracks. With metal roof installation from Scranton roofing contractors, you are reducing your ecological footprint, saving yourself money and stress, and making the best choice for your home.