Keeping Cool with Metal Roofing

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Keeping Cool with Metal Roofing

Many people, when they are considering updating the roof on their home, worry that installing a metal roof on their home will make it unbearably hot in the summer, meaning they will have to put up with uncomfortable levels of heat or spend more money on their energy bills so their air conditioner can keep their house cool.

Though these concerns are understandable, they are actually unfounded. This is because installing metal roofing on your home can actually help to keep your home cooler, especially in the summer months.

Here are just some of the reasons installing a metal roof can help keep your home cool:

Metal roofing is reflective

Even if you install a basic metal roof with no finishes added to its surface, it will still let in much less heat than a traditional asphalt roof would. If you’ve ever felt a traditional asphalt roof on an evening after a hot day, you’ll know the roof stays warm for a long time. This heat has been absorbed and retained by the shingles throughout the day and radiates down into your attic space and throughout your home.

Conversely, metal roofs have a much lower thermal mass than asphalt and therefore reflect much of the light and heat from the sun throughout the day, instead of absorbing it. So, as the sun goes down, the roof will cool down as well. This means that the heat that would be absorbed by asphalt shingles is almost all reflected away from a metal roof, and it won’t seep down through your roof into your house.


Ventilation system

If you opt for installing a metal roof over your existing roof – which can sometimes be preferable as removing a shingle roof can be both a costly and timely affair – then you could end up keeping your house even cooler by leaving a gap between the old and the new roof which acts as an air pocket.

This space between the metal roof panel and the underlayment can be added even if you have removed your shingle roof.

If the roof is installed with an air pocket between the new roof and the old, this will act as a ventilation system which will not only help keep your home cool during the summer but will also help vent moisture out of your home , reducing the risk of mold and mildew in the winter months.


Treating your metal roof

If you want your metal roof to keep your house even cooler then you should consider applying a reflective coating to the metal roof. This reflective coating helps your home stay even cooler by re-emitting any solar radiation that is absorbed by the roof.

A very exciting – and environmentally friendly – new coating people may soon be applying to their roofs is glass paint. Glass paint is literally what it sounds like, a paint made from glass, and adds all the cooling, reflective properties of the material to your roof.

With the right coating, your metal roof can reflect up to 90% solar radiation it is exposed to throughout the day.