Injured on the Job? Three Questions for Your Construction Accident Lawyer

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Injured on the Job? Three Questions for Your Construction Accident Lawyer

Construction work is widely known as very dangerous work. You may be required to work with heavy equipment or climb atop high scaffolding to get the job done. If you ever suffer from a work-related injury, there are many options that you have in order to be made financially whole. A construction accident lawyer can work with you and your employer to get the maximum amount of money that you will need to pay for your expenses as well as any other costs that stem from your injury. Here are some questions you may have about the process.

Is Workers’ Compensation an Option?

Just like working for any other industry, people with injuries suffered on a construction site are entitled to be covered by workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation pays for your medical expenses and lost wages while you are recovering from your injury. It will also pay you for a period of time if you are permanently disabled due to the injury you received. It requires you to prove that you were hurt in the course of completing an act at your job. There is a limitation on how much you will receive, however. This is because this program is very clear-cut and requires no outside litigation, saving the company money.

What if Workers’ Compensation Isn’t Enough?

In the event you are hurt so severely that you are out of work for an extended period of time, or even permanently, your construction accident lawyer may advise you to sue your employer on top of receiving other benefits. Your ability to bring a civil lawsuit against your company will be dependent upon the circumstances of your injury as well as the state you live in. The nature of construction work provides many possible liable parties that could be a part of your injury. Your injury could stem from an architect’s faulty design or from an engineering oversight. When there are multiple entities that are potentially liable, a construction accident lawyer will work to find out who is responsible in order to initiate a lawsuit.

Can an Equipment Manufacturer be Held Responsible?

Some injuries may not be caused by a person or group of people on the job site, but by faulty equipment. If this happens, you can sue the manufacturer of that piece of equipment to help pay for your damages. This lawsuit will be deemed a product liability lawsuit rather than personal injury or negligence. You would be required to prove that the piece of equipment was in bad condition or dangerous when it left the manufacturer. You will also be required to provide proof that you were using the piece of equipment in the correct manner.

The nature of this work is inherently dangerous, but you are still entitled to a safe workplace free from hazard. You should contact your construction accident lawyer as soon as you are injured to ensure that you receive any and all benefits that are rightly owed to you.

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