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Can You Install Metal Roofing During Winter?

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Can You Install Metal Roofing During Winter?

Anyone who has ever replaced the roof on their home knows that it can be a huge undertaking, a potentially very time consuming and costly venture.

Of all the things you have to worry about and sort out, one of the most difficult decisions you’ll have to make is deciding when to have your roof installed that will cause you the least amount of inconvenience.

Speaking generally, the most popular time of year for people to install new roofs on their homes is during the fall. This is seen as the ideal time to replace roofs because it means the new roof will be ready and installed by the time the harsh weather of winter arrives.


So, the big question is: can a metal roof be installed during winter?

The simple answer is yes, though most people may be under the impression that metal roofs can’t be installed in winter.

This misconception probably stems from the fact that it is much more difficult to install an asphalt shingle roof during the winter, as costly measures, including a specialised adhesive, need to be applied if installing the roof in colder temperatures. This results in much higher costs for the homeowner and a lot more hassle for the roofing contractors.

Comparatively, metal roofing is a breeze to install, since the sheet metal won’t crack, break or bend when it gets cold, and it also doesn’t have to cure and seal. Additionally, since metal roofing is very effective at repelling water, ice and snow, the adverse weather conditions of winter won’t impact the overall quality of the roof.


However, just because you can have a metal roof installed on your home during the winter, does that mean you should? Are there any benefits to waiting until winter to have your roof installed?

One of the biggest benefits of choosing to have your metal roof installed in winter is that it offers you the highest level of flexibility when it comes to choosing exactly when you want your metal roof installed.

Because many think roofs cannot be installed during winter, contractors will often have a more open schedule for you to work with.

Choosing to have your roof installed in winter also means that you are more likely to be able to have your pick of contractors, meaning you can really shop around and choose the contractor you are most comfortable with and confident in.

Although of course we can offer no guarantees, the quieter period of winter means that you may even be able to get better prices for your installation than you would in the much busier period of fall, where contractors will be inundated with work.

So, if you are interested in having a new roof installed in the Scranton area this winter, get in touch with our dedicated team at Garvin Metal Roofs today!